Is it time to change your thinking?


Are you looking for the spark that helps you face each day with a smile and a sense of fun?

Do you find yourself stuck in a frustrating cycle, repeating the same old unproductive life patterns, negative self-talk and destructive habits?  You have tried goal setting, positive thinking, cleaning up your diet, exercise programs, meditation practice, etc. and they may work well for a while, but again and again, you find yourself slipping back to your old ways.

You would love to change your thinking and create the life you want so desperately, but you just can’t figure out what is tripping you up and WHAT you need to change your thinking to.

When you look back at your life you can see a recurring pattern of mishap – whether physical, emotional. nutritional or other.  You keep finding yourself in abusive relationships, in debt, drinking too much, or overweight again.   You would love to change these patterns, you know they are not working for your benefit, if only you could figure out what the underlying cause is you WOULD change your thinking and change your life.

Consciously, you want to be rid of the problem but there is a deep subconscious rogue program working against you.  Subconsciously you want to stay the same, there’s a “pay off’ for keeping the problem.  There was a time in your life when this program worked well for you, it met your needs, you survived, you were safe.  But now, at this time in your life, it is no longer appropriate and is actually working against you.  This subconscious rogue program is more powerful that your desire for health, happiness and success.

Kinesiology, uses muscle testing to tap into your subconscious mind and uncover these rogue programs that are sabotaging your success.  Once you know what is holding you back, Kinesiology can help figure out the best way for you to achieve the health, happiness and success you have been looking for.

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