Goal setting


Why set goals?

Setting goals helps to give your life direction and purpose. It helps to organise your time and resources so you can create the life you want to live.  They help you to focus your energy in a positive direction.

How do I get started?

A great first step to take in goal setting is to brain storm a list of what you would like to achieve.  At this stage don’t think about what is possible or likely, just make a wish list.

Another of my favourite ways to find the goals to put your heart and soul into, is work out a picture of how you would like your life/lifestyle to look in 5 years’ time.  Don’t get bogged down in the name of a specific location, but you can be very specific about; climate, style of home, social life, travel, employment, ability to regularly walk on the beach/bush/mountains.   Make your picture as detailed and complete as possible. Read More…

Positive Self Talk

Today I want to write about positive self talk.  Many of the people I see are suffering from a low self esteem and are unhappy with themselves and their life. Too often I hear these same people talking about themselves in a very negative way.  For example, earlier today one of my clients arrived for an appointment on the wrong day.  When she realised her mistake, she immediately started saying “I am such an idiot”.  I asked her to stop saying that, it is NOT TRUE!  She simply made a mistake.  It is important to realise that we may do some silly things or make mistakes (sometimes big ones!), but that does not mean we ARE silly or an idiot, it simply means that we DID something silly or made a mistake.

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