Learn to muscle test yourself

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Sunday May 21st at 12.30pm

Why muscle test?confused-baby

There is a huge amount of dietary and supplement information available these days, and often the information is conflicting.  Each supplement claims to be the best on the market, and each diet claims it is the solution to your health and wellbeing needs.  It’s no wonder that you get confused trying to figure out which diet or supplement is right for you.

Imagine, you have an uncomfortable belly ache. What do you need to get relief?  A dose of Apple cider vinegar?  Probiotics?  Digestive enzymes?  Muscle testing is a great way to get the “on the spot” answers you are looking for.

While in the chemist you can muscle test to select which supplement you need and then each day you can test how much to take.

balance-vitaminsUse muscle testing to find out what food suits you best, reducing the trial and error approach. By muscle testing yourself you can select the best brand for you, for example you may be fine to eat a homemade, preservative free bread but not a generic supermarket brand.

Maybe you need to adjust your diet rather than eliminate certain items. For example you are trying to “be good” and eat more salads, but your digestive system is protesting.  You can muscle test to find out if you need to lightly steam your vegetables rather than eat them raw.

In this workshop you will learn a couple of ways to muscle test yourself and, more importantly, how to ask the right questions to get accurate responses.

Stress relief

Do you find your stress levels rising as you prepare for job interviews, exams, presentations or meetings?  Would you like to learn a simple “do it yourself” technique that you can use anywhere, anytime to reduce your stress levels and to create a calmer state of mind?  The ability to stay calm allows you to think more clearly and put your best foot forward in any situation.

In this workshop you will learn a simple procedure that requires no special tools and can be done in public without anyone knowing what you are doing.


Do you fall asleep or get sleepy when reading? asleep-over-book Do you have difficulty concentrating?  Do you have to read the same sentence or paragraph over and over and still can’t retain what you have read.

The 2 minute technique you will learn in this workshop, will help you to concentrate better and to understand and retain the information you are reading.  This will help you stay more alert and productive at work or when studying.

Your instructor

Rena has been working as a professional kinesiologist since 2004.  She has been teaching professional practitioner courses in kinesiology for the past 5 years at Kinesiology Schools Australia, Brisbane campus.

She has designed this workshop to empower you with skills to muscle test yourself to accurately assess which supplements, or dietary modifications will enhance your health and wellbeing, and techniques to help reduce your stress and increase your concentration and productivity.


The next workshop is scheduled for:

Sunday May 21st at 12.30pm.

Each workshop is scheduled to run for 2 hours


11 Sowden Street, Jingili


$88 per person

Numbers are strictly limited so book now!

Sunday May 21st at 12.30pm

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  1. Annalee Reply

    Hi Rena,
    I’m really interested in Kinesiology. I have just come across this add. When will you be holding another class? Or can you do a one on class at all?

    • Rena Reply

      Hi Annalee I will be holding another muscle testing workshop in March keep an eye on my Facebook page and I will post dates soon Cheers Rena

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