As we navigate life amidst the COVID-19 pandemic I like to remind myself of the Chinese energy concept of yin & yang.
The Yin/Yang symbol above is a pictorial representation of “chi”.  Chi can be defined as the circulating life force or energy inherent in all living things. This life force circulates in our bodies via a network of channels called meridians.  Yin and Yang are the two opposing but interrelated aspects of Chi.
Chi is always both yin AND yang not yin OR yang.
The black and white represents yin and yang. The sine curve represents the fluctuating nature of the balance of Yin/Yang energies that are always moving in dynamic equilibrium.  You will also notice there’s a seed of the opposite in each.  Chinese concept is that humans are a small replica of the universe and what is around us is also within us.
I see life in a similar way.  We constantly flow from yin to yang, dark to light, good to bad, hot to cold, night to day, security to insecurity and vice versa.  Within each there is always an element of the other.  In our current situation it is important to remind ourselves – nothing is all ‘good’ and nothing is all ‘bad’ and this situation will pass.

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