My love of kinesiology came after many years of interest in alternative healing and a desire to help other people achieve better health and lifestyle practices.

I discovered kinesiology after an introduction to “Brain Gym” while teaching dancing.

I started incorporating these simple techniques into my classes and was so impressed with the improvement in the student’s coordination and ability to focus, that I was inspired to seek out more information.

My research led me to try some “one-on-one” kinesiology treatments for myself.


The results I experienced were astounding, including pain relief from long term injuries, feeling calmer, more balanced emotionally and clearer thinking. I was hooked!

Kinesiology is my “dream come true”. Through my work I am able to help people both physically and emotionally, so that they can experience the same results as I did.

My Training

I have studied a variety of kinesiology techniques and hold a Diploma in Kinesiology with Kinesiology Schools Australia.

I have trained in Neural Organization Technique  and Hyperton-X which can help to provide relief from your back/neck pain, sciatic pain, headaches and migraines.  The techniques I have learned have also successfully helped children and adults overcome learning difficulties and behavioural problems.

My Experience

I have lived and worked as a professional Kinesiologist in Darwin and PNG since 2005, successfully helping numerous people achieve their health and lifestyle goals.

I am also trained in the practice of bush flower essences which I can prescribe as a supplement to your treatment.

My skills enable me to help you overcome the hurdles standing between you and your optimal health and well being, so that you can live the healthier, happier and more fulfilling life that is your destiny.