Kinesiology works on the principle that your body intuitively knows how to heal itself, but due to the stress of our lifestyle and environment your body loses the balance required to restore its own health. Kinesiology uses muscle testing to identify imbalances in your body and then identifies the adjustments required to establish balance again.

The techniques used to re-balance your body may include holding or massaging reflex points, gentle muscle manipulation, nutritional assessment or emotional stress diffusion, incorporating knowledge from traditional Chinese medicine, Chiropractic, nutrition and counselling.

Kinesiology is amazingly efficient because through muscle testing we are often able to identify the underlying cause of the imbalances by assessing the whole person. We do this by looking at your structure (bones, muscles, organs etc) as well as the emotional/mental well-being and the chemical/nutritional health.

A kinesiology consultation usually takes up to 1½ hours depending on your individual needs and you generally remain fully clothed.

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