At Darwin Health Care Rena is thoroughly trained in several kinesiology techniques, such as:  Neural Organisation Technique and Hyperton-X sports kinesiology.  She has helped many people successfully find relief from a variety of ailments including:

  • Back pain and neck pain,
  • Sciatic pain,
  • Anxiety, stress or depression,
  • Headaches or migraines,
  • Learning difficulties and behavioural problems,
  • Food sensitivities or intolerances,
  • Digestive problems,
  • Irritable bowel syndrome, and
  • Long term pain or illness

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To help you improve your posture and core strength we offer Pilates mat classes

Fermenting workshops

Empower yourself to improve your gut health by learning to make your own probiotic drinks and sauerkraut.

Learn: the art of fermenting in our tropical climate, the advantages of fermenting for food medicine, and how to integrate ferments into your diet to improve your health and well-being. Included in the workshop price are the ingredients and starters you need to start fermenting at home straight away. Plus, a comprehensive notebook with recipes and tips to ensure your success

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Dance Fit

A dance fitness class to:
Build fitness and strength
Improve coordination and balance
Get some new moves for the dance floor
And most of all… Have fun!

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Plus more..

We also offer the following products to assist with rebuilding and maintaining optimal health:

  • The full range of Australian Bush Flower Remedies including personalised dosage bottles to suit your needs
  • A small range of supplements,

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