Achieving ultimate success & happiness

What stops you from achieving optimal health and well being?  Is there a pattern in your life of coming close to achieving your goals only to have them slip through your fingers?  One of the most important parts of the kinesiology session is looking at the ways you may be sabotaging your health, happiness and success. 

A “sabotage program” is a deep subconscious “rogue” programme that you developed originally to deal with a stressful situation.  It is part of your survival process, at the time it served you well, but in this current moment it is holding you back from your ultimate health and happiness.  Let me give you an example…  Mary has always cared for her family, working hard cooking, cleaning, washing etc. one day she slips and falls in the kitchen breaking her arm.  Because she is in so much pain and incapacitated her husband and children pitch in and help with the chores.  After a while the bone has mended, but for some reason the pain and weakness continue in her arm.  Perhaps there is a sabotage program stopping her from healing fully.  Consciously she wants the pain and weakness to go, but on a subconscious level she is enjoying the help and loving attention from her family.  Through kinesiology we can work together to find and clear the sabotage program and help Mary find a way to get the best of both worlds, to get the help she wants with the chores as well as healing her arm.

Say these statements to yourself “I am successful” then “I am not successful”.  You may believe that both statements could be true.  This conflict takes your focus off your goals and drains your energy.  You may believe the “not successful” statement more readily than the “successful”.  This reversed attitude and negative thinking could easily be blocking your success.  With kinesiology we can help to bring the source of these sabotage programs into your awareness and then clear them.  Imagine how different your life could be, if you went through each day believing “I am successful” wholeheartedly!

Now say “I am healthy and happy” then “I am not healthy and happy”

Or “I am loveable” then “I am not loveable”

Or “I deserve a satisfying job” then “I don’t deserve a satisfying job”

Which one feels to be true for you?  If you do not fully believe that the positive statement is the true statement, you could benefit from a kinesiology session.

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