Why am I always tired

Do you wake in the morning feeling tired and unrefreshed? Do you drag yourself through the day feeling 10 years older than you really are?  Do you feel like you have lost your motivation and spark for life?  Do you feel physically, emotionally and mentallly unable to give your best to work, family, sport, etc?  Through muscle testing, kinesiology can help find and clear the underlying cause of your problem. 

For example you may think you know the cause of your fatigue – lack of deep undisturbed sleep.  But why aren’t you sleeping well?  Is it because of pain?  Are you worrying about something and can’t quiet your mind enough to fall back asleep when you do wake up?  Now let’s look at the underlying cause to these problems?  When you can become aware of the true source of your problem, you can begin to resolve it and reclaim a great night’s sleep and energy again.

There are many possible causes for your lack of energy. It could be that you are eating foods that disturb your body’s natural rhythm.  You may be holding muscle tension in your body, causing pain and draining your energy.  Maybe your hormones are out of balance.  Your work and home life could be out of balance and you may need to change your attitude, approach or environment to cope better.  Of it could be simply that you have stopped setting goals that inspire and motivate you.

Kinesiology doesn’t treat named diseases, it doesn’t diagnose, it looks at you and your body in a holistic way to help your body find the balance you need to function at your optimum level.  Meaning that kinesiology allows us to look at your fatigue problem emotionally, physically, emotionally and spiritually to find the solution that suits you best.

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