Making change successfully

The New Year is a great opportunity to set goals and achieve change. Whether it be to quit smoking, get fit, lose weight, write a novel, complete a degree or buy a house … success depends on our willingness to make change.

We might be willing to change on a conscious level but unwilling at a subconscious level, especially if the problem is a crutch we have come to rely on.

Once we are aware of and understand subconscious blocks, we can work on letting them go.  It is difficult, but not impossible.

A while ago, I worked with a university student who came to see me when she was in the last semester of completing her degree.  Previously she had been a diligent student but now found herself unmotivated, avoiding study, procrastinating about assignments and generally sabotaging her ability to complete her courses to graduate.

In her Kinesiology session we found that for the past few years her goal had been to complete her degree.  When that goal was imminent, she began to sabotage her success because she feared life in the “real world” as a graduate. She subconsciously wanted to stay in the “safe world” of university.

Once she became aware of these fears, she set goals for her life after graduation and took some practical steps to minimise her fears of the “real world”.  She then went back to her studies with renewed enthusiasm and completed her degree.

Commonly, in a Kinesiology session we will specifically look at your willingness on a conscious and subconscious level to give up the need for the problem, as well as your willingness to accept the benefits of change.  We can uncover blocks to your success and work on strategies to move forward.

We go on to assess your determination (willpower or grit) and implement changes required to achieve your goals.  This is the active part of goal achievement.  It’s taking action now rather than passively “intending to do something one day”.

If you are sick of not achieving your goals and would like help making changes then Kinesiology may help.  Book online here

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