Holding too tight?

When I was a child, I often had the comment “Rena tries too hard” on my report cards.  I remember thinking what a ridiculous comment to make.  How could you ‘try too hard’?  Weren’t you supposed to try hard?

As an adult I better understand what the teachers meant, but there are still times when I need to remind myself that, rather than continuing to push through frustration, it’s better to pause, take a breath, relax and reassess.

In a kinesiology session a few weeks ago, a similar problem surfaced for a client.  As we were discussing the issue, some advice I was given by a cycling friend came to mind which served as a great metaphor to describe the concept.  So, I thought I would share it here….When I first graduated to riding a road bike with drop bars (curved handlebars) I had a lovely friend who cycled with me a few times to help build my confidence.

One of the many pieces of advice he gave me, was when holding the ‘hoods’ (the rubbery things on the tops of the handlebars where the brakes and shifters attach) to hold on firmly enough so my hand doesn’t slip off if I hit a bump but not so tight it gets tiring and painful after a while.

By holding firmly but not tight, with elbows slightly bent, I would be better able to absorb the bumps and to steer and move with bike as necessary.

In our lives it seems there are times when a slightly more relaxed approach could be helpful to handle the bumps and curves life throws at us.  Staying tight and fixated on a specific result or pathway can be tiring, and we could miss an unexpected opportunity to experience a new aspect or direction for our lives.

An important part of the process in a kinesiology session is to find the underlying emotion associated with the issue we are working on.  This can often be surprising and enlightening for the client and sometimes it confirms something they had noticed themselves.

Addressing the emotional aspect of wellbeing enhances the healing process, develops self-awareness and helps the client live a more well rounded life.

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