Flat belly please?

Last week I received my favourite kind of bonus payment after an appointment – a hug from a very happy client.

I noticed she had difficulty sitting up from lying down. She told me that even though she regularly exercised to strengthen her abdominals she had very little success in even feeling them work. I asked her if she would like me to see if I could help.

After a few tests and corrective techniques she was able to sit up more easily, and could actually feel her muscles working. She will still need to exercise to develop strong abdominals, but it should be easier and more productive from now on.

Sturdy abdominal muscles are an important part of developing a “strong core” – the area of your body commonly referred to as your midsection or torso.  A strong core involves all your muscles from the front, back and sides (plus more) to work together effectively to stabilize and support your entire body.

Would you like to have a flat belly? Do you suffer from back pain? Do you have poor posture? Have you tried abdominal strengthening exercises but can’t seem to get the muscles to work?

The belly is a problem area for many people, both men and women. Long hours sitting at a desk, the after-effects of pregnancy and lack of exercise are just some of the reasons abdominal muscles weaken, often resulting in back pain.

By using muscle testing, Kinesiology can identify muscles that are not “switching on” when they need to. Then, by using techniques like holding or massaging reflex points, and gentle muscle manipulation, Kinesiology can help get the muscles functioning again.

Heaps of hugs on the horizon!

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