Restoring balance

Rena muscle testing an arm muscle related to lung meridian

As a Kinesiologist I generally talk in terms of providing “balances” rather than “treatments” for clients

This is because the goal in a Kinesiology session is to restore your body’s natural balance so you can heal yourself rather than “treating” specific diseases. The focus is to concentrate on your health and how to maintain it, rather than on illness and how to cure it.

One of the first balances I learnt in my training was a 14 muscle balance.  In this basic balance I do a series of specific muscle tests to find indications of imbalances in your body.  

Rena muscle testing a leg muscle related to Large Intestine meridian


Each muscle test relates to a particular muscle as well as a meridian (energy channels identified in Chinese medicine) and an organ or gland.

Imbalances can be physical (function of organs and muscles) or energetic (meridian). Corrections are achieved by one or more of the following; holding or massaging specific reflex points, running the meridian channels, addressing nutritional excess or deficiency, discussing emotional relationship and/or massaging the muscle itself.

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