Hot & Bothered? Take time to rest

In our busy ‘build up’ season it is extra important to take time to rest (and cool off).

Over the past few years I have come to realise how important it is to schedule rest into an exercise program.  Every Ironman training program I have looked at incorporates a rest day every week and a light training recovery week every month. Research in weight training has shown, that on average, people work 7% harder in subsequent sets after they have rested.  This means resting effectively, helps to improve your performance.

It occurs to me that the same principle applys in everyday life.  There seems to be recognition and admiration for people who work long hours and the ability to “push through” is regarded as a quality to strive for.

This quote from Yan Busset a Triathlon coach from Finland gives a different perspective.
“In this ‘no pain, no gain’ culture, people confuse the idea of having a rest day with being lazy,” says Busset. “That’s why I refer to rest days as ‘adaptation days.’ It’s about allowing the body to recover, grow and improve from the training.”  Originally from: ironman.com

Taking time to rest is an important part of every day life. Not only does it allow us to recharge so we can go back to our tasks with extra energy and enthusiasm, but taking time out, often allows us to clarify our thinking so we can move forward with improved focus on what is truly important.
Here are some easy suggestions to help incorporate rest into your schedule: At work – take a break and eat lunch away from your desk, set aside regular times for meditation, take a walk.
And dare I say it?  A Kinesiology session can help de-stress, recalibrate and clarify your thoughts. Contact me now

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