Take your rest!

Taking a break!

“Take your rest!  You can’t go hard for the next set if you don’t take your rest!”  This was the voice of the coach this morning at swimming training.

You see I am a slow swimmer and in a mistaken attempt to keep up with the group I was skipping the 10 second rest break and continuing to swim the next lap.  After all 10 seconds isn’t going to make much difference right?  Wrong!  I discovered even a short rest meant I could swim harder and faster the next lap.

Every training program I have seen for triathlons, marathons etc, always have rest days as part of the schedule as well as rest breaks within the daily programs.  This shows me that if endurance athletes, who are training to push themselves beyond normal limits, take rests, then the benefits of rest shouldn’t be underestimated.

One of the most common reasons people come to see me is because they are tired and burnt out.  Frequently, these people have been pushing themselves to stay on top of their workload, whether it’s from their job or from personal or family demands.  They work through their lunch break because they’re “too busy” to stop or skip a 20-minute nap in lieu of putting on a load of washing or getting a head start on dinner.  These same people also complain of brain “fog”, lack of concentration, even depression.  A half hour break will help to clear their head, refresh their energy, feel brighter, refocus and be more productive afterwards.  Usually, the benefits far out way the time spent having a break.

Many people know this is true, but still deny themselves the rest they need.  This is where kinesiology can help them understand….

  1. Why they don’t allow themselves to rest – not good enough, not worthy, haven’t worked hard enough, fear of being judged as lazy or slack etc.
  2. What kind of rest suits them – meditation/relaxation exercise, sleep/nap, gentle walk, massage, read a book, cuppa with friends etc.

When you value your health and wellbeing enough to take the rest you need you may be surprised by the benefits.

If you would like some help with taking your rest please contact me on 0414611382 or book online here.

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