What could you acheive if you pushed a little harder?

Fannie Bay Swim, Darwin, NT 2019

A year ago, I remember standing at the end of a triathlon chatting to a friend who, like me, finishes among the last ten competitors.

We discussed the “top guns” and how in awe we were of their ability and fitness. She said “Have you ever thought that the reason they’re so good is that they push themselves harder than we do? I notice that when they lap me on the run they’re breathing much more heavily than I am”

This conversation popped into my thoughts many times since and I now use it as motivation to go a little faster, harder and/or further in training sessions and events.

I have achieved some new ‘personal bests’ as my reward for the extra effort, not to mention better self-esteem.

In my life outside triathlon training and events, I know that when I feel frustrated, it is often the result of giving in to fear, making excuses and allowing myself to sit in a comfort zone rather than pushing to my potential. Like a racehorse at the start of a race, itching to get out and run, but being held back by the gate

Recently I notice the events I train hard for and push to finish are the events I feel most proud of myself afterwards.

There is little to be gained from playing it safe and comfortable but rewards for striving to find what you are capable of when you push a little harder.

Some time ago I wrote a blog about ‘Getting Stuff Done’ now I suggest the next step in the process is to push harder; even a little harder … to found out what you are capable of.

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