Just breathe….

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A secret discovered at the dawn of Mankind, refined by many cultures to an art form, often forgotten in today’s hectic world … JUST BREATHE.
A hunter stalking the African savannah, a warrior going into battle, a yogi seeking enlightenment, a woman giving birth. A simple solution to focus, survive and prosper … JUST BREATHE

This is a regular reminder I give myself and others to reduce stress and tension, to assist performance in an exercise session and to navigate challenging situations calmly.
Sometimes I unconsciously hold my breath when I’m doing something difficult.  It’s not just physical exertion. I catch myself not breathing when doing housework, concentrating on writing an assignment or blog, or even reading instructions to put together a flat pack! Do you do the same?
I remind clients to breathe deeply because it assists corrections with kinesiology.  A few deep breaths calm and energise you when feeling stressed and overwhelmed.  It is not by chance that breath provides focus and calmness in yoga and is crucial to meditation practices.
But if you can’t breathe deeply?
I ask clients if their breathing feels restricted.  Many don’t think to mention it, perhaps restricted breathing is their “normal”. There are kinesiology techniques that help free up the diaphragm and chest muscles, so you can take a full, relaxing, cleansing breath again.  There may also be an underlying emotion that relates to the restriction you’re feeling.
A simple breathing exercise to check in on your breathing

  1. Sit or lie comfortably
  2. Place one hand on your chest and one hand on your belly
  3. As you breathe in through your nose, concentrate on breathing into the belly and feel it rise into your hand
  4. Then breathe out slowly through your mouth with a gentle sigh
  5. Do this for about 5 breaths (Take care you may feel dizzy if you are not used to breathing deeply)
  6. Move both hands to the base of your ribs.  With the heels of your hands on the sides of the ribs and fingers pointing to the centre
  7. This time as you breathe in through your nose, think of expanding your ribs and pushing your hands sideways with a sense of breathing into your back at the same time.
  8. Breathe out through your mouth with a gentle sigh
  9. Do this for about 5 breaths

So today, remind yourself to JUST BREATHE! 
Focus on your breath while waiting in line, in a meeting, at school pick-up or at traffic lights. Notice and enjoy the calming effect.  Join others who have connected with their breath over thousands of years to find calmness, harmony and manage stressful times in their lives.

If you would like some help with breathing more deeply and freely please contact me on 0414611382 or book online here.

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