It takes more than one thing to heal

8 Dimensions of health

People often think of healing only in terms of physical health but there are more aspects that should be considered!

Holistic health is linked to the choices and actions we take to bring together different dimensions to work in harmony: nurturing the spirit, engaging the mind as well as addressing physical aspects of good health. Importantly, it is also an awareness of the physical, social and cultural environments in which we live.

Eight dimensions of wellness should be considered when we strive to heal ourselves from injury or illness, neglecting one will eventually adversely affect another.

  1. Physical – nourish your body with healthy food, regular exercise, ample rest and sleep.
  2. Intellectual – be curious, expand your knowledge and skills with a positive attitude, take on intellectual challenges, and share your gifts and discoveries with others.
  3. Emotional – manage your emotions in a constructive way, feel positive and enthusiastic about life. Understand and respect feelings, values and attitudes.
  4. Social – care about others AND let others care about you. Develop and maintain healthy relationships with family, friends and colleagues.  Contribute to your community.
  5. Spiritual – find purpose, value and meaning in your life, with or without organized religion. Participate in activities consistent with your beliefs and values.
  6. Vocational – use your unique gifts, skills and talents in work that is meaningful, rewarding and consistent with your values. Participate in work that provides satisfaction and enrichment.
  7. Financial – acknowledge everyone’s financial values and circumstances are unique. Manage your resources to live within your means and prepare for short and long-term needs. Educate yourself to make informed financial decisions.
  8. Environmental – understand how social, natural and built environments affect your health and well-being. Try to contribute to a healthy planet.

Everyone has their own definition of what it means to live life fully and how to be the best kind of person; through muscle testing, Kinesiology can help you to consider the above dimensions to improve your situation, personal values and goals.



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