How to find a good kinesiologist

The best way to find a good kinesiologist is from a referral from a friend or colleague.  But if you are new to an area you might not have your network established and need to use your own judgment.  So a great question would be to ask your kinesiologist if they are a registered provider with the private health funds, even if you don’t personally hold private health insurance.  To be registered as a health provider your kinesiologist will need to be a professional member of either Australian Institute of Kinesiologists (AIK) or Australian Kinesiology Association (AKA). This means they have met and exceeded the accredited training requirements for that organisation and are therefore an expert in their field. To hold and maintain professional membership your kinesiologist will also need to continually update their training and skills, adhere to a code of ethics, maintain insurance and first aid qualifications.

Kinesiology is a ‘hands on’ therapy so you will need to feel comfortable with the kinesiologist touching you.  Usually you stay fully clothed for your session, but occasionally you may need to move your shirt aside for some corrections.

Sometimes you may need to address and discuss emotional issues as part of the healing process, so you will want to feel comfortable speaking freely with your kinesiologist knowing that they will be respectful, empathetic and will maintain your privacy.

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