Laughter is the best medicine

Recently there has been plenty of troubling events happening around us, both locally and worldwide.  Justifiably we are taking these events very seriously.  However, to balance this seriousness and to improve our physical and emotional health and well-being we need to remember to LAUGH!

A good giggle can lighten our mood, reduce anxiety, and help to release muscle tension, leaving us feeling more relaxed and buoyant.  One Korean study testing the effect of laughter therapy on patients in a long-term care hospital showed improved sleep and better general mood.

Laughing helps to increase circulation, lowers blood pressure, increases respiration and oxygen consumption which benefits cardiovascular health.

A hearty belly laugh tones your abs and burns calories.  OK, it’s not as a good as a workout session, but possibly more appealing?

When you laugh your body produces endorphins, the “feel good” hormone, which can boost energy and reduce pain and inflammation.

Seeing the funny side and having a good laugh quickly defuses anger and calms conflict at home and in the workplace.  It helps to put a more positive perspective on problems, strengthens relationships and reduces stress.

By decreasing production of stress hormones and boosting immune enhancing T-cells, laughing can help our bodies be more resistant to disease.  One study showed that people with a well-developed sense of humour lived longer, particularly in those battling cancer.

While there are few studies definitively showing the effectiveness of laughter, they do show positive results with virtually no negative side effects!

So seek out opportunities to laugh and reap the benefits!  Connect with friends who make us laugh, keep funny photos and quotes close by, watch a comedy, sing a funny song.  Keep it appropriate, but just laugh.

If you are feeling too stressed and overwhelmed to find your sense of humour a Kinesiology session could help.  Book online here or phone me on 0414611382

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