The gift of receiving

A few years ago, I was having a tough time with some confronting personal issues. My mother asked who could help and support me. I told her that I had some great friends, but they had their own issues and I didn’t want to trouble them.

Mum went on to give me a new perspective…

“When you help someone, do you feel good?”

“Yes I do”

“Have you ever thought that when you don’t allow someone help you, you are denying them that good feeling,”

I now have a new attitude towards accepting help when it’s offered. I gratefully accept!

I have shared this story with many friends and clients over the years, because accepting help can be challenging for all.

If you have difficulty asking for or accepting help, it can be worthwhile to explore your beliefs about receiving help.

Is it a feeling of being unworthy? The person offering help has already decided you are worthy and deserving in their eyes.

Are you a perfectionist that sees yourself as a failure if you ask for help? Remember we all have expertise in different areas, and you can become better when you team up with another person’s expertise.

Maybe you think it’s weak to accept help or perhaps you are avoiding acknowledging you have a problem. A trusted friend is showing how much they care when they offer their help. Choose carefully when allowing yourself to be vulnerable, but admitting you need help can be an important part of your healing.

Do you see yourself only as the helper and are uncomfortable when you become the receiver? Sharing your skills and talents with others and allowing others to share theirs with you, is part of the natural balance of give and take.

By refusing to ask for or accept help we disregard that we are social beings that need to cooperate with each other in order to thrive


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