From struggle to ease with Kinesiology

Whether you are struggling with a lack of energy, confidence, motivation or persistent pain and discomfort, Kinesiology can help you live your life with more ease.

As I was looking through my records to find the reasons clients come for treatments with me, I discovered that the basic theme is to get help with overcoming problems that prevent you living your best life.  Here are just a few samples:


  • Men and women who want to enjoy movement and exercise without persistent pain and discomfort.
  • People looking for enough energy to power through their workday and still have some energy left to enjoy a pleasant evening with their family and friends.
  • Adults and children trying to build their confidence to develop and demonstrate their true value, skills and abilities in all aspects of their life.
  • People who realise it’s time to release their fears, unleash their potential and start living the life full of love and adventure they crave.
  • Grandparents who want the simple pleasure of getting on the floor to play with grandchildren then get up again with ease.

Kinesiology takes a truly holistic approach to your health and well-being. Using muscle testing as a communication tool, I assess your physical, emotional and nutritional condition and then find your personalised solution(s) to achieve your own best version of health and well-being.

Each person is different and so are their goals, it follows that each person has individual needs to achieve those goals.  Some strategies are performed during your appointment such as holding or massaging reflex points, talking through emotional issues or testing foods or substances to assess the effect on your body.  Other strategies need to be followed through with in your daily life.  This ‘homework’ is important because it empowers you to take charge of your own long-term health.

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