3 Ways to Achieve Better Health

When the physical, bio-chemical and emotional sides of your life are working in harmony, balance is achieved. Kinesiology uses this “Triangle of Health” to provide equilibrium and complete bodily health.

Kinesiolgists use muscle testing to detect and correct imbalances related to stress, nutrition, learning problems, injuries and energy.  By looking at the whole person and the way they function and interact with their environment – rather than focusing on symptoms or named diseases – Kinesiologists can determine how your health and well-being is affected by imbalance and make necessary corrections.

Let’s look at how imbalance can affect your health.

EMOTIONAL/MENTAL/SPIRITUAL imbalance – This looks at how you feel, how you think and your ability to experience and integrate meaning and purpose in your life.

Everything you do – and have done – has a positive or negative emotional connection.  How you respond to your experiences, now and in the future, is determined by how you think and feel about experiences of the past.

When treating an issue, a Kinesiologist will frequently look at the emotional connections of your situation.

STRUCTURAL imbalance – This includes your physical structure: bones, muscles, joints, organs, and how you move and function.

A Kinesiologist can work to release your muscles if they are overly tight and activate them if they are weak to ensure they function in an integrated way with other muscles and structures.

Often, your physical structure is fed by, and reacts to, emotions and nutrition.

CHEMICAL/NUTRITIONAL imbalance – This is divided into two areas – nutrition and environmental (internal and external).

You may be eating what is generally accepted as a healthy diet but your body may not respond well to certain foods or your digestion does not work as well as it should, and  struggles to absorb nutrition from your food.

Alternatively, you may work in an office where something like cleaning products irritate your airways, or a work station that is not well set up, causes back or neck pain.

A Kinesiologist can help discover which foods strengthen or weaken you and which environments enhance or cause stress to your health and well-being.

Kinesiology can determine what you need to do to build self-esteem and heal your life, how to increase vitality and achieve physical, emotional and chemical balance in your life.

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