Pain relief for backs

Kinesiology is so effective at relieving your back pain because it looks at the causes of your pain. Usually the first step is to give you pain relief. I do this by rebalancing the flow of energy in the involved muscles by using reflex points and gentle muscle manipulation.  Then we look at the causes or triggers of your pain in the first place. 

If the pain was caused by an accident, we look at the circumstances of the accident and then work to diffuse the stress, both emotional and physical, triggered by the accident.  Here are some examples of what we might look at.

Was there unexpected impact? E.g. a slip and fall on a wet floor. In this case we might work in relation to the shock of the impact.  Were you by yourself with no assistance available?  We might then work on the feelings of helplessness and isolation associated with the accident.  Were you already stressed and rushing before the accident?  The back pain might then be a “wake up call”, expressing your body’s need for some time for rest and re-evaluation of your lifestyle.

Perhaps your back pain came on after a long intense study or work period, with long hours spent sitting at a desk and reading or working on a computer.  In this case we might look at your posture while you are working, how you handle stress when under pressure, and maybe look at efficient brain function so the work or study is less stressful. These are just a few of the aspects that may be addressed to help you achieve long term pain relief.

If these triggers for your pain aren’t addressed and resolved, then they are still active, and when your body finds itself in the same or similar situations the pain starts again.

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