Adapting to change

If 2020 was the year of cancelled plans and forced change, what does 2021 hold for us?

The risk of infection and prospect of lockdowns and border closures means uncertainty is our constant companion, at least for now.

We are not in total control of anything.  But being resilient and adaptable are qualities that have helped humans survive for centuries; these are the same qualities we need to navigate the changes forced on us over the past year.

Two maxims I use to view change in a more positive light are:  “Whatever happens I’ll be ok” and “What if this is the best thing that could have happened?”

Whatever happens I’ll be ok – reminds me that I have many skills and abilities to draw on to help me adapt to shifting circumstances. When I look back at past challenges, I have come out of it ok. After all, I’m still here!

What if this is the best thing that could have happened? – I look for the potential advantages of an unexpected turn of events and start to focus on solutions.  The challenge here is to take action to ensure it IS a blessing rather than mourning the loss of what might have been.

It’s important to acknowledge that sometimes we make plans for ourselves that are not always the best outcome for long term happiness and satisfaction.  Often we need to be forced out of our “zone” to progress and improve life and circumstance.  Our plans may be good, but now is the wrong time, or we’re doing it with the wrong person(s), or in the wrong place.

Being forced to change and adapt helps reassess and re-calibrate our direction … potentially leading to happier outcomes.

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